Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pasadena City Hall Painting

Here is my painting of Pasadena City Hall.

 Been doing a lot of work for Cloudy 2 (which I love BTW), but it is refreshing to take a personal work to completion. Lately its been tough to call a work done, due to the fact that by the end of each working day I learn so much from being around such amazing artists, I find myself endlessly tweaking my work. 

It's been wonderful working with Justin Thompson, Production Designer for both Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Cloudy 2 . He is in no small part responsible for broadening my perspective on how I look at composing pictures for film and illustration as a whole. 

This print will be available at my Etsy store soon. 


Estevao Lucas said...

this is great man! Looks like watercolor is it? Your style is fantastic! Very good man.

Craig Mackay said...

Love, Love, Love your work Aaron! Hope you're well. :)

Aaron Spurgeon said...

Thanks Estevao! I use a combination of guauche and digital media. Thanks Craig! I really appreciate it.

Gio M. said...

Oh wow I thought it was all digital. Wish I had the time to whip up some gouache. Beautiful painting.

Samantha said...

This is wonderful!

Aaron Spurgeon said...

Thanks Gio! Thanks Samantha!

Mauricio said...

Dude, this is sick! Awesome work, my friend. It's definitely got your style. I'm glad to hear all's good at Sony, hope to catch up with you soon!

Aaron Spurgeon said...

Thanks Mauricio! That means a lot my friend. How's the Art Direction going man!

Juliaon Roels said...

The final result looks very beautiful!

Kimberly Kha said...

awesome painting Aaron!!!! ^_____^

Aaron Spurgeon said...

Thanks Juliaon, thanks Kim!

C.Deboda said...

Looks great! Really digging all those pencil sketches below as well.

CauĂȘ Zunchini said...

Hey Aeron .... Nice to meet you man =)

My name is Caue I'm a Brazilian, and work with animation here in Brazil !!

Really Love your work, amazing paintings, lay out and compositions, Congrats for all .... I would love to show you my work, just once when you have time =)

Also would love to exchange e-mails with you to ask some things about the animation business in USA ... I dont want to both you =)

talk soon

Nikhil Sharma said...

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