Friday, October 16, 2009

What Color = Insanity?

Continuing with Hoffman's Sandman theme, except in a less stylized 3 dimensional composition. In this scene Nathaniel is seeing for the first time that the love of his life is an automaton and even worse she's being dismantled by the scientist who made her. Here I included a B/W layout along with one of my color keys. More to come later as I flesh out this painting.

You got to read this story if you haven't already, they don't get much crazier than this!


Samantha said...

The new color looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the finish on Wednesday!

Jocelyn Liang said...

Hi Aaron! You probably don't remember me, but I was in Lorrie Madden's Head & Hands class with you (before you got a job at Disney!). I was the tall quiet asian girl haha.

I love the colors you used! It's so unexpected and green with purple are just awesome together. Definitely an eye catcher.

Mauricio said...

You need to post your color studies for this too! Those were sweet. Especially that orange/reddish one. I like the big finish. Weird to see traditional media nowadays, haha.